This group is for Light Hustlers and Sober Evolutionaries who would like to remain accountable in terms of both personal and professional goals.

Our solution is to provide:

  • Weekly assignments designed to get you used to striving your goals;
  • A private Facebook group
  • Accountability partners to make sure that you’re doing what they say;
  • Written materials;
  • Monthly interactive webinars
  • Book recommendations
  • Discounts on products and services

The benefits of being part of this community are:

  • To meet your long-held goals
  • To get used to getting out of your comfort zone
  • To put yourself “out there” more
  • To improve your relationships
  • To increase your serenity
  • To help you conquer procrastination

“If you’re serious about achieving your dreams, Anna’s program is a no-brainer.” – Steve Costello

“Anna David is the real deal” – Dr. Drew Pinsky

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