As a New York Times bestselling author of six books who has written hundreds of articles for, among others, The New York Times, Time, The LA Times, Vice, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Self, Women’s Health, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post and Salon, Anna David is able to help other writers through the process of writing their books. If you have a story but not enough time to turn it into a book, she and her team provide access to best-selling authors who can do the lifting.

Why is this a crucial aspect of our business? The answer is simple: Anna watched her career transform from part time dog walker to media personality and thought leader as a result of becoming a published book author.

She’s certainly not the only one who’s watched her career transform simply because she published a book and benefitted from the media attention that followed. Tony Hsieh went from the guy who started Zappos to business guru after the publication of Delivering Happiness. Sheryl Sandberg transitioned from Zuck’s #2 to leader of a worldwide movement for women with the release of her first book. James Altucher transformed from investor advisor to media personality with his mega bestselling Choose Yourself. Wellness expert JJ Virgin went from earning $2 to $6 million the year after her first book came out. Just how many examples of this are there?

How strongly does she feel about the topic? She actually wrote a story about it for Entrepreneur magazine.

The reason success follows a book release is fairly simple. “If people read my books, they’ll buy my products,” Virgin said in the article. “We have a relationship. They just took you into their bedroom or bathroom. They feel like they know you.”

So our question to you is this: why shouldn’t you be one they know?