Should You Be Sharing Your Story?

Try to answer these questions truthfully from your heart. There is no right or wrong answer. If you make a mistake or change your mind, just refresh the page and start again.

I would like to have a career where I could help people through my creative work

Friends tell me I should share my experiences

I have never heard of someone with experiences exactly like mine

I have a unique take on things

I believe if more people knew about my experiences, I could help them

I have spent some time thinking about creating work based on my experiences

If I'd been exposed to work like mine when I was struggling, it would have helped me

I have been wanting to embark on new creative projects for a while but haven't known the exact steps to take

At some point in my life, I have kept a journal

I tend to feel better after doing something creative

I would be more motivated to embark on creative projects if I knew I had an audience for my work

I believe I could complete a project I was passionate about

I am open to sharing what I’ve learned with the world

I believe my life would be better if I did something creative every day

I believe I would follow through on a project if I had guidance and accountability

I believe I would follow through on a project if I had a way of knowing people would hear about it

I've gotten encouraging feedback when I've expressed myself creatively

I have occasionally made excuses for not meeting my goals

I periodically believe I can meet my creative goals but then find myself discouraged

I think my work is as good as work I’ve read and seen and heard

I believe sharing my creative work could help other people

I believe sharing my creative work could help me

My recovery from my darkest experiences is one of the most interesting things about me

I find myself excited when I share about ways I’ve healed