First things first…what is a Light Hustler?

Glad you asked. A Light Hustler is someone who shares their dark to find their light—light in both the spiritual and humorous sense. How can you recognize one when you see ’em? Well, if you’re on the site, we’re guessing you’re one yourself.


Woah, that’s a lot of information below. Can you just tell me a simple way to find out the basics?

Yes. Hit “View in iTunes” and then “Subscribe” on the left-hand side of the window that opens and regular audible doses of Light Hustlerness will be delivered directly to that device you carry everywhere.

Okay, I’ve subscribed. Now what exactly did I subscribe to and who is behind this site?

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Anna David and I, along with a small but mighty team, drive this Light Hustlin’ ship. In 1999, I was an unemployed dog walker. Yes, you could argue that walking a dog was technically employment but when you’re paid $10 a day to clean up after a dog, it’s hard to convince anyone that you’re actually a writer (especially when you’re a cat person).

But really, the best way for you to get to know me may be through the timeline I’ve created below.

My timeline:

1970s: Learned to write

1980: Started submitting to children’s publications (and getting rejected) (click here for evidence)

1991: Got an internship at Hartford Monthly magazine during last minute panic that I had no work experience and would never get hired after graduating college

1991: Started writing restaurant reviews for the college paper due to same panic

1991: Resurrected the defunct college literary magazine and became its editor (the panic made me very productive!)

1992: Interned at (the now long-gone) Mirabella magazine

1992: Heard that Entertainment Weekly paid its interns so went there, discovered the rumor was true and promptly did nothing to take advantage of the opportunity by proving myself to editors and instead worked on scamming premiere invites off of them

1993: Became an editorial assistant at Parenting magazine in San Francisco, despite a lack of children or interest in them and spent three years writing articles on things like how breastfeeding can crack your nipples and the awesomeness of Barney the Dinosaur

1996: Moved to Los Angeles and became a full-time freelancer at People magazine

1997: Fired from People magazine despite not having a real job there

1998-2000: Got up to nothing good and did a s*itload of cocaine

May, 2000: Got sober, entire life changed and landed an internship at the Ifilm website as a columnist

Sept, 2000: Was wooed away from Ifilm for dream job at Premiere magazine as a staff writer where I started doing a column called “Party Girl”

2001: Began freelancing for magazines like Time, Cosmo, Redbook, Teen Vogue, Playboy, Details, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Self, Maxim, Stuff, TV Guide, Variety, Women’s Health, Self, Marie Claire, The New York Post, Us Weekly The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Psychology Today, and more.

2002: Wrote a story for Playboy magazine that featured photos of me in such limited clothing that my mother was forbidden from looking at it; the story, “Sex in Two Cities,” was optioned and made into a reality TV pilot for TBS

2003: Was hired as the dating expert on G4’s Attack of the Show, co-hosting a segment with Olivia Munn; started appearing on numerous other TV shows, including Red Eye, Showbiz Tonight, The CBS Morning Show, The Talk, The Insider, Hannity & Colmes and various other programs on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, VH1, MTV and E

2007: Published a “Modern Love” in The New York Times

2007: HarperCollins published my first novel, Party Girl (a “novel” that was almost entirely true) and Sony optioned the movie rights

2007: Started getting press, some of it even good

2009: HarperCollins published my second novel, Bought

2010: Started speaking at colleges about addiction and recovery

2010: HarperCollins published my first anthology, Reality Matters

2010: Hired as the editor of The Fix, the first addiction recovery-focused website

2011: HarperCollins published my memoir Falling For Me

2013: Simon & Schuster published the book I wrote for Tom Sizemore, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There Alive (which perfectly described how I felt about working on it); the book sold so many copies that it hit The New York Times bestseller list

2014: Created the AfterPartyMagazine website, which included a podcast and storytelling show, and sold it to the owners of The Fix

2014: Soft Skull published my second anthology, True Tales of Lust and Love

2016: Created All the Write Moves coaching program for 10 students to go through the process of launching their writing careers and then writing and selling their book proposals

2017: Left AfterParty, created Light Hustler and rebranded both the podcast and storytelling show Light Hustler

2018: Spoke at three different TEDx events

2018: Light Hustler Publishing released its first book, Aiming High, and it became an international bestseller

2018: Launched Light Hustler Academy, which contains courses on websites, newsletters, promotion, public speaking and making books into bestsellers

My point:

I didn’t tell you any of the stuff above to brag. I told you to prove it’s possible. I told you because I was once someone who dreamed of writing books and talking about them in interviews and on stages—to, frankly, talk about them to anyone beyond my cat.

Well, if we’re going to be chronological about it all…my first dream was to make my way out of the pain I lived with on a daily basis. Once I did that, my next dream was to write books and articles about my experiences, to talk about them publicly and to help other people like me do the same.

I succeeded.

And so can you.


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